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Partner with the right digital health companies

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Customization like never before

Go beyond the medicine and give patients a variety of solutions to help them manage their health.



Create unique experiences by giving your patients the tools they want to better manage their health.

GoSupply allows Pharmaceutical companies to create curated selection of healthcare items for patients and caregivers.



Offer your patients the ultimate convenience: home delivery.

Just Meds, your trusted platform for medication dispensing and distribution for the Pharmaceutical Industry, Providing Affordable and Streamlined Solutions for Cold Chain and Ambient Medications.

focus bear

Focus Bear

Focus Bear is a distraction management and routine building tool for people with ADHD. The app blocks distractions across all devices to help with productivity.

To avoid the negative aspects of hyper focus, it provides break reminders and a technology shutoff time in the evening. In the morning, the app guides users through habits like meditation and exercise.

Elemetric Health

Our Guided Program Design uses science, experience, data & insights to give you confidence in developing the best foundation for your patient support solution.

Our AI-powered Insights technology identifies opportunities by utilising consistent enterprise-level data on performance and impact, giving you metrics that matter and rapid PSP agility to improve patient outcomes.

Are you a digital health or medtech company?

We believe in the "power of many", so we want to partner with you to deliver the best patient experience and care.